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Welcome to the first blog of the Aylesham Business Network (ABN).

On Thursday the 10th December the ABN had their monthly meeting at the Cooked with Love café. In attendance was the ABN committee chairman Sara Sheppard (SLS Wills and More) and Committee Members Chris Milsom (Bright Accounting) and Keith Mansell (Manse Designs). Also joining this month’s meeting was Steve Manion (Steve Manion effective training) and Derek Garrity (Aylesham & District Workshop Trust).

Sara opened the meeting with an update from the Committee and informed the ABN that there will be some external talks from various companies coming up, including one on cyber security and logo designs.

There were further discussions on the ‘Hot desking’ idea which was proposed at last month’s meeting. This is the idea of an office space that could be hired hourly, daily, or just for a meeting or corporate event. A booking and monitoring system was discussed with the project getting a positive response from everyone around the table. Watch this space for further information.

Finally, Sara gave a talk on Power of Attorney and its importance with regards to business owners. Such a large topic to do a small talk about Sara managed to provide concise information on the reasons of appointing power of attorney and, including some stories on what can happen if your affairs aren’t in order during a very stressful time.

With the news from the Government of restrictions returning soon in one way or another, it is expected that the first meeting of 2022 (January) will revert to a virtual meeting, but we’ll keep you posted.

Everyone at ANB would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year and we will see you all in 2022.

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